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The PCR-4-ALL project has received funding from the Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement Nº 101095606

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Impact and viability of a novel mass PCR testing
method as a pandemic-fighting strategy

With the exponential growth tendency of pandemic-causing respiratory viruses, a large-scale testing campaign should be immediately deployed as soon as such pathogen is identified.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected our health, but also our lifestyles and our economies. Given its high non-symptomatic transmissibility, to efficiently stop a pandemic-causing pathogen like SARS-CoV-2, without needing to resort to economy damaging measures, would have required a mass testing strategy very early on: according to some estimates up to 10% of a nation’s population should have been tested on a daily basis to achieve this.
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Given the long periods required to develop other pandemic fighting strategies (i.e. such as vaccines and quick diagnostic tests), PCR-based mass testing could be the ideal front line of defense, since it can be developed in only a few weeks after decoding the genetic map of the pathogen. But, although PCR testing capacity has greatly been increased worldwide, regularly testing large fractions of the population would still remain prohibitively costly with current technology.

The PCR-4-ALL consortium (combining expertise in diagnostics, high-throughput-screening, virology, disease modelling, econometrics and digital health platforms) will aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of carrying out population-wide PCR testing by demonstrating a capacity of >10^5 tests in a single day and platform, in an extremely cost-effective manner (at least 2 orders of magnitude cheaper than currently).

We will, furthermore, evaluate the effectiveness of utilizing this strategy as the main pandemic-fighting measure by assessing its ability to minimize, or even prevent, the need to implement other costly and partially ineffective measures (i.e. lockdowns and vaccination campaigns).

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Il consorzio Pcr-4-All (🇩🇪🇪🇸🇧🇪🇮🇹) ha l’obiettivo di dimostrare la fattibilità di test molecolari di massa e comprendere le variabili che influenzano la costo-efficacia di tale programma.

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Discover PCR-4-ALL

Impact and viability of a novel mass PCR testing method as a pandemic-fighting strategy

Conventional pandemic management approaches

Not known prevalence

  • Selective testing based on symptomatic people
  • Contact tracing

Untargeted measures

  • Clinical testing and surveillance
  • Contact tracing and isolation
  • Vaccination
  • Lockdowns


  • GDP harmed
  • Bad health

PCR-4-ALL Vision

Known prevalence

  • Population-wide testing for infectivity

Targeted measures

  • Detection and isolation of infectous spreaders


  • GDP growth
  • Good health
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